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Painting on wood is like communicating with nature in its barest form...


Art on Furniture


New  Collection

The Confluence
by Pooja Bansal

The Confluence is the artist's depiction of the spiritual amalgamation of  Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha in their most innocent form as a shepherd.

Meera-The Selfless Love
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Meera | The Selfless Love
by Pooja Bansal

Meera Bai is synonymous with divine love for Krishna, in which she immerses herself forgetting herself. This painting shows her completely surrendering to her love for God.

A tree's wood is also its memoirs & every piece has a different story to tell...


Most Enquired

There is a reason why God hasn't made the world in Black & White... Add colors to your world!


myself & my venture

The Artist

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I am Pooja Bansal, born and brought up in New Delhi, India, and currently residing in the city of Mumbai. I had been a Corporate professional for 15 years in leading companies till I decided to quit my Corporate career in early 2018, to follow my passion towards art.


Pooja Bansal& Artiques

About Artiques


Artiquès is an art venture aimed at creating, and commissioning unique pieces of art. What makes it different is the use of sustainable bases like wood, glass, concrete & metal, and infusing them with colors and various elements like paper, fabric, gold foils, etc. 

We customize sizes, designs and colours to suit your palette and style, and make a piece completely unique in all aspects, Just for You.


How it started: I was inspired by the beautiful heritage architecture of various cities that I travelled in India and outside. And looking at the houses and landscape, I felt as if the doors & windows had a story to tell about that city.

However, I saw the architectural landscape changing very fast with old houses being replaced with high rises.

I was so attracted to wood, its natural grains and its texture, that I decided that I will use them as my base for painting.

Now I travel through cities, contact dealers of old wood and collect pieces for my art.

I am a self-trained & a very passionate artist and my signature work is on wooden doors, windows, furniture, and concrete. I specialize in mixed media art which I have evolved to create my own fusion contemporary style.

Most of my works reflect a fusion of modern techniques, elements and tastes, with a touch of the old times.

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Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

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